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Is continuous collection in Collector for ArcGIS (Classic) also available in ArcGIS Collector?

Last Published: March 1, 2021


No, the Continuous collection style is not available in ArcGIS Collector. This setting is used in Collector for ArcGIS (Classic) to collect multiple, similar features repeatedly. This functionality is useful to ensure each new collection point does not display as a blank slate. Below are the suggested alternatives to apply a similar function to the Continuous collection style in ArcGIS Collector.

Use the Copy option to copy an existing feature

Use the Copy function in ArcGIS Collector to make copies of an existing feature. This is supported in single places, lengths, and areas that allow attribute updates or are read-only. Refer to ArcGIS Collector: By copying an existing asset or observation for more information.

Set the default values for the layer

Set the default values to be applied to the field when a feature is collected. Refer to ArcGIS Collector: Default values for steps to do this.

Use the Edit Multiple option to retain recent form values and edit multiple features simultaneously

Follow the steps below to edit multiple features simultaneously in ArcGIS Collector.

  1. In Maps, open the map, and click the ellipsis Ellipsis buttonbutton on the map's top-right corner.
Image showing the map with features
  1. Click Edit Multiple to select the map's features for editing.
Screenshot of the Edit Multiple function
  1. Click Continue.
Image showing to click the Continue button after selecting features
  1. Perform the required edits, and click Submit.
The Submit button

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