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How to get a Version 10.1 VBA license?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


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Esri Customer Service provides VBA Licenses for 10.1 Beta:

Best Practices
Interactive Workshops
Interactive Workshops that involve travel to, and interface with clients, afford new challenges to trainers that can be addressed by following a few best practice recommendations:

Concurrent Use Borrowing
The following workflow explains how to use license borrowing as a means to delivering workshops, trainings, and demos, when you have to travel to the client's site. Borrowing is a new feature at 10.x that will allow you to issue self-destructing licenses for a defined period of time (length of your demo) that will automatically become available again to you even if you are not connected to a client's network when the license expires.

Step 1 - Set up ArcGIS License Manager on your Laptop
The following must be done at your office, prior to departure.

From the ArcGIS Desktop installation media, install the ArcGIS License Manager.
Authorize the license manager with sufficient licenses to accommodate the maximum number of users that will attend your workshop. Note: 10.x licenses are backwards compatible with any 9.x and 10.x client.
Launch the ArcGIS License Server Administrator (Start > Programs/ArcGIS > License Manager > License Server Administrator).
Enable License Borrowing. Set Max Borrow Time to the total duration of your workshop. (License Server Administrator > Configure > Allow License Borrowing = Checked > Max Borrow Time = 7 (for a 7 day workshop))
Note: When a license is borrowed, it will automatically become available to serve again when the borrow period has elapsed, regardless of whether a connected client is network connected or not.

Step 2 - Connect Clients to your Laptop
The following must be done at your client's office, on each computer that your clients intend to use with your workshop.

Once you've arrived at the client's office, plug your laptop into the client's network.
If you have not already, install the ArcGIS Desktop software onto any system your clients intend to use with your workshop.
Launch the ArcGIS Administrator (Start > Programs/ArcGIS > ArcGIS Administrator).
Point each client machine (with ArcGIS Desktop installed) to your License Manager. (ArcGIS Administrator > Desktop > ArcView/Edit/Info Concurrent Use > License Manager - Change... > LAPTOPHOSTNAME > OK.
Borrow any licenses you need for your workshop. (ArcGIS Administrator > Desktop > Borrow/Return > Check any boxes you need.)

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