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Has the License Manager changed in ArcGIS 9.x?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Yes, there have been many changes to ArcGIS Product Licensing, including the License Manager for ArcGIS 9.x. For existing ArcGIS Desktop and ArcInfo Workstation users upgrading from 8.x or a previous version, this document provides an overview of some of those changes. For more detailed information, refer to the License Manager Reference Guide found in the documentation folder on the product CD.

ArcSDE and ArcIMS 9.x now require registration; therefore, they do not use the FLEXlm License Manager. See the specific product install guide for more information.


Vendor Daemon
With the release of version 9.0, a new vendor daemon has been created. The previous daemon, ESRI, has been replaced by ARCGIS. This change in name has caused a change in the service name, from ESRI License Manager to ArcGIS License Manager.

Port Number
The default port number now specified in the license file is 27004. Previous versions used TCP port 27005 as the default port.

License File Variable
The change in the vendor daemon and default port number have caused the license file variable to be changed to ARCGIS_LICENSE_FILE <port>@<host>.

What does this mean to you?

A new license file must be obtained and the new License Manager must be installed. ArcGIS 9.x requires an ArcGIS 9.x License Manager. Existing 8.x or previous versions of the License Manager cannot be used to license the version of 9.x software. Also, ArcGIS 8.x or previous software cannot connect to an ArcGIS 9.x License Manager and license file, so separate versions of the License Manager need to be maintained if the intent to use different versions of the software exists.

Both an 8.x and 9.x version of the License Manager can be installed on the same computer.

Prior to installing ArcGIS Desktop or ArcInfo Workstation 9.x, contact ESRI Customer Service and obtain a new 9.x license file. This license file contains the new version number, the new vendor daemon (ARCGIS), and the new default port number (27004).

See Related Information for information on installing an 8.x and 9.x License Manager on the same machine.

Windows Users

A new license file can be requested using an existing hardware key number from an existing 8.x, or previous, License Manager server or a new hardware key and hardware key number can be used. Two hardware keys cannot be used on one License Manager server.

Sample Windows license file:

SERVER hostname ESRI_SENTINEL_KEY=37123456 27004
vendor_info="H86SSCS74RYE2J25FR6N" ck=153

UNIX Users

If the intent to administer both licenses from the same machine exists, request a new license file using the same hostid and hostname found in the existing license.dat file. Be certain to install the version 9.x software to a distinct directory, separate from previous installations of ArcInfo. Once the install is complete, copy the new license.dat into the appropriate 9.x $ARCHOME/sysgen directory.

Sample UNIX license file:

SERVER hostname 123a4b5c 27004
vendor_info="H86SSCS74RYE2J25FR6N" ck=153

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