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Earthsoft's EQuIS software conflicts with ArcGIS 8.3

Last Published: April 25, 2020


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The EQuIS software package, which provides an interface between databases and ArcGIS, causes tools in ArcCatalog 8.3 to shut down. When EQuIS is active, the ArcCatalog tools, such as Export Shapefile to Coverage, do not activate.

It is also found that if EQuIS is active, 3D analyst cannot be turned off.

A second problem this produces is that when all the .dll files are installed, 3D extension is not released.

The interface re-creates the Access database it's linking to in a new personal geodatabase. It monopolizes the geodatabase set-up and editing.

Below are images of the product name and build number, the locations in the interface where the problem occurs, and their fix for the problem:

[O-Image] EQuIS Interface 2
[O-Image] EQuIS interface 1
[O-Image] EQuIS interface 3
[O-Image] EQuIS interface 4
As per EquIS, the product name is 'EquIS for ArcGIS 4.1'; their contact information is:

EarthSoft, Inc.
P. O. Box 7558
Pensacola, FL 32534-0558
Phone: 503-345-0212

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