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Does ESRI recommend any guidelines when creating a custom fonts to use in ESRI software?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


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The following settings refer to the font editor FontLab.

Internal font settings when saving a TrueType font:
a. Family Name does not begin with the letter 'A'.
b. Family Name must match the Menu name.
c. Family Name cannot conflict with existing installed font names.
d. Font Name must be 29 characters or less and cannot contain any spaces.
e. Font UPM setting is 1000.
f. Alignment is set to local zones.
g. Select PANOSE Family Kind to Latin Text.
h. IBM identification is set to 'No Classification'.
i. Supported Code pages set to 1252 Latin 1, Character Set to ANSI.
j. All Embedding allowed for exportability.

It is imperative to use the following ASCII ranges for the most success with ESRI ArcView and ArcInfo products: ASCII 33-125 and 161-255. The ASCII character index is a set of index numbers ranging from 0 to 255. There are many reserved characters for special applications, like a carriage return, but ESRI has found through testing that a relatively stable symbol font can be made by setting specific characters to Unicode standard ranges.

It strongly recommended that only these font glyph positions are used: 33-125, 161-172, 174, 176-180, 182, 184-255. With this scenario, 173, 175, 181, 183 and 256 would be 'Reserved' unused positions.

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