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Does ArcMap have direct RTL, HPGL/HPGL2, HCBS or VCGL drivers and if not, why?


No, ArcMap does not have ArcInfo Workstation equivalent drivers for direct printing or exporting to RTL, HPGL/HPGL2, COLOR HCBS, or VCGL/VCGL2.

ArcInfo Workstation had a direct HPGL2 output because there wasn't/isn't plug-and-play printing system on Unix. When ArcInfo migrated to Windows, the decision was made not to plug ArcInfo into that system (since ArcInfo is architectured for the Unix world) and ArcMap was in development at the time.

ArcMap, however, is built as a Windows application and takes full advantage of the Windows printing and spool systems, so there is not need to manually create printer files, such as HPGL2.

With ArcMap, print directly to the printer, or even save print files by using the 'Print to file' option on the Print dialog box. ArcMap supports all printers that have a current Windows printer driver.

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