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Does ArcGIS support bi-directional language display?


ArcGIS uses three environmental variables listed below to support bi-directional display if regional options of operating system is set to Hebrew or Arabic. Using these variables users can control the appearance of bi-directional display. If users do not set these variables, the default values are used.

1) ESRI_RTL (default value: True)
This is the main switch for the right-to-left display.

2) ESRI_RTLUI (default value: False)
This determines whether the GUI is displayed in right-to-left orientation or not.

3) ESRI_TABLERTL (default value: True)
This determines whether the table is displayed in right-to-left orientation or not.
Bi-directional support variables

[O-image] Bi-directional support variables

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  • ArcMap 9 x

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