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Do we support Community Maps?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


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Yes. Esri Support Services recently agreed to take on support for the Community Maps Program.

The goal of the Community Maps Program is to build the highest quality basemap at multiple scales using authoritative content from the ArcGIS Community. At a high-level, to participate in the program, a customer needs to load their content into the Community Maps data model, publish their map services, cache those services, and then submit their cache to Esri. The Community Maps Team validates everything to ensure it meets the standards and then moves the cache into the World Topographic Basemap. This is all based on voluntary customer participation.

The level of support provided to the Community Maps Program is almost exactly the same as to any other customer. We support the products, and we support the functionality they provide. For example, we help customers having trouble publishing their services or customers having trouble migrating their data into the geodatabase. Taking the customers cache and integrating it into the basemap is not within our scope. We are asked to take on some additional responsibility in understanding what the program is and escalating specific questions about the program to the Community Maps Team.

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