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Do I need to purchase an additional license from Anaconda if I have a current license for Esri software?

Last Published: April 7, 2023


Esri has an up-to-date licensing agreement in place with Anaconda, giving it the right to access a collection of packages containing Anaconda software and materials to maintain and deploy Esri software across the organization and to its customers, including license rights for Anaconda binary packages. The agreement ensures that Esri customers current on maintenance or who have an active subscription will continue to be able to use Anaconda packages deployed through Esri Software at no additional cost. The agreement does not cover deployment of Anaconda packages outside of Esri software.

Specifically, by embedding essential packages and a tailored Python environment from Anaconda's conda package repository, users of Esri software can continue to access cutting-edge geospatial, scientific, and machine learning tools, while staying within compliance protocols and best practices for securing open source in sensitive and mission-critical environments.

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