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Can the pop-up window be docked in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder?

Last Published: May 31, 2024


It is not possible to dock the pop-up window in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder. This is a known limitation. By default, the pop-up window is displayed next to the selected feature. This functionality may be available in ArcGIS Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition). However, Esri recommends users migrate to ArcGIS Experience Builder, since ArcGIS Web AppBuilder will be retired in July 2025 while the developer edition will retire in July 2024, coinciding with the retirement of ArcGIS API for JavaScript version 3.x. Refer to ArcGIS Web AppBuilder: What is ArcGIS Web AppBuilder? and ArcGIS Blog: ArcGIS Web AppBuilder roadmap for retirement for more information.

This article provides an example and instructions using ArcGIS Experience Builder and ArcGIS Instant Apps to dock the pop-up window.

An alternative is to add the web map to the web experience in ArcGIS Experience Builder or web app in ArcGIS Instant Apps and click any feature on the map. Click the Dock icon in the pop-up window.
The image of the Dock icon in the pop-up window of the map in both ArcGIS Experience Builder and ArcGIS Instant Apps. 

Apply the relevant workflows to dock the pop-up window in the desired location.

For ArcGIS Experience Builder

Only one layer at a time can be linked as the data source in the Feature Info widget.
  1. Sign in to Portal for ArcGIS or ArcGIS Online, and create a web experience from the existing web map with the preferred template. In this example, the Blank fullscreen template is used.
  2. Click the map on the canvas to open the Map panel.
  3. On the Content tab, navigate to and toggle Enable pop-up off.
The image of the 'Enable pop-up' option being toggled off on the Map panel.
  1. On the Insert widget panel, drag and drop the Feature Info widget to the preferred position on the canvas.
  2. On the Feature Info panel, configure the required settings.
    1. Click Select data and add the data source.
    2. Under Details options, check the details to display in the Feature Info window.
    3. Under Style, select the style option. In this example, Respect the source is selected. Configure the Style and Action settings, if necessary.
  3. Save and publish the web experience.
The image of the Feature Info window displaying the attribute information mimicking a pop-up window being docked in the desired location in ArcGIS Experience Builder.

For ArcGIS Instant Apps

  1. Sign in to Portal for ArcGIS or ArcGIS Online and create an Instant App with the preferred template. Refer to ArcGIS Instant Apps: Choose an app template for more information. In this example, the Basic template is used.
  2. Click Step 2 | Express and toggle Fixed pop-up location on.
  3. Under Pop-up position, select the preferred position to display the pop-up window. In this example, Bottom right is selected.
  4. Click Publish.
The image of the desired location for the pop-up window being configured in ArcGIS Instant Apps.
Other ArcGIS Instant Apps templates such as the Media Map or Sidebar templates can also be utilized to dock the pop-up window or display it on the side panel.
The image of the pop-up window being docked in the desired location in ArcGIS Instant Apps.

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