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Can SQL Server database files be placed in a network location?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Microsoft generally recommends the use of Storage Area Network (SAN), or locally attached disk, for the storage of SQL Server database files. The default configuration of SQL Server does not permit the usage of data files stored over a network, as any attempt to do so results in one of two possible errors being returned:
Message #1: 5105 "Device Activation Error".
Message #2: 5110 "File 'file_name' is on a network device not supported for database files."
Microsoft supports SQL Server networked database files on network-attached storage (NAS) or networked storage servers that meet write through and write order requirements outlined in the 'Description of support for network database files in SQL Server' link in the Related Information section below. The article outlines the steps involved with configuring SQL Server to store a database on a networked server or NAS storage device.

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