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What are the Drive-time and Distance limitations in ArcGIS Maps for Power BI?

Last Published: September 14, 2023


The Find nearby tool in ArcGIS Maps for Power BI allows finding other locations on a map that are within a specified distance or driving time of a selected location, and saving the search area as a polygon layer. The tool has a few limiting factors that are important to take note of. This article summarizes the current limitations. 

For both Drive-time and Driving distance settings

  • A maximum of ten search area locations can be selected in the tool because a search area for up to ten location polygons can be created at one time for a layer.
  • A map can only contain one search area layer at a time. If a search area layer already exists, it must be deleted before a new one can be created.
  • The Drive-time select button can be used to select a maximum of 250 locations within the search area polygon.
  • Only data locations within the drive-time area for a pinned location as the focal point of the drive-time area are selected; any pins that fall outside that area are ignored.
  • If the map is styled using the Clustering theme, the clustered locations on the map cannot be selected. Choose a different map theme and try again.
  • While the Find nearby pane is active, the map selection tools are not available. Use the selection tools in the Find nearby pane to select locations on the map.

For creating a Drive-time area only

  • A maximum time of 30 minutes can be specified.

For creating a Driving distance area only

  • A maximum distance of 100 miles, or the equivalent in other units of measure (176,000 yards; 528,000 feet; 161 kilometers; 161,000 meters; 1,610,000 decimeters) can be specified.

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