Unable to open dbf - Unable to perform JOINITEM

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround


JOINITEM of an attribute file and a dBase file returns the error:

   Unable to open dbf
Unable to perform JOINITEM


Three possible causes:

1. The .dbf file or the coverage may not be in the current directory.

2. The names of the files to be joined were mistyped.

3. Syntax errors when referring to files.


1. Make sure the .dbf file and the coverage are in the current workspace, or specify their paths.

2. Make sure to spell the file names correctly.

3. PC ARC/INFO has its own file naming syntax which differs from DOS. For example, PC ARC/INFO refers as 'cover.pat' to the DOS 'cover\pat.dbf' file. Arc also always assumes the extension 'dbf' for a database file; you don't need to specify the extension.

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