Unable to display ArcIMS service

Error Message

On Solaris, when using map configuration files with many shapefile layers, some layers may not display and ArcIMS returns one of the following error messages:

- "Unable to display ArcIMS service"
- "Requested ArcIMS service is not available"
- "Unable to display MapService"
- "Requested MapService is not available"


Solaris has a limitation of 256 file handles per process as do other platforms(Linux 1024, AIX ~1024, HP ~1024). When that limit is reached and no more file handles are available, any layer trying to access file handles above that limit are excluded.

The above file handle limit also applies when the Extract Server is used. Some layers may not be extracted if this file limit is reached.

Solution or Workaround

The Solaris limitation of 256 file handles per process cannot be modified.

Monitor how many file handles the site is utilizing and create new processes to increase the number of file handles.

For detailed steps, see the related document below.

Article ID:000005274

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