Too many parameters -t$arc0 File Creation Error

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround


This error occurs when trying to run ARCW, ARCEDITW and ARCPLTOW:

Too many parameters -t$arc0
File Creation Error
[PC Arc/Info 3.5.1 Arc - 01/26/97]
Can not create c:\temp\ t$arc0\T&EXTSML.VAR


The 'Start in' variable for those modules is not set or is invalid.


Define the 'Start in' path:

1. Right-click the ARCW icon on your desktop and click Properties
2. Select the Shortcut tab
3. In the 'Start in' field type the path to a valid directory. Example: C:\temp
4. Click Apply
5. Click OK
6. Repeat the above steps for ARCPLOTW and ARCEDITW.

If you don't have the above icons on your desktop:

1. Click Start > Programs > Windows Explorer
2. Navigate to C:\arcexe\install
3. Grab the Winsetup.exe file and drag it onto the desktop
5. Rename the shortcut icon on the desktop to anything you like
6. Double-click this new icon. All the windows extension icons will be displayed.
Don't delete, mover, or rename any of the icons in this window.

Now you can define the 'Start in' path as described above.

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