The value you have entered is out of range or is not a whole number

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

When adding a value in an attribute table, the following error is returned in ArcMap:

The value you have entered is out of range or is not a whole number
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There are two causes that can lead to this error:

  • The value entered is outside the storable range of the field data type. For example, a short integer data type cannot store a value more than 32,767. For more information on the storable range of a field data type, read the following ArcGIS Help, ArcGIS field data types.
  • Text is entered in a numeric data type field.

Solution or Workaround

Change the field type to what is appropriate for the data type of the value, or add a new field with a field type that matches the data type of the value. For more information, refer to the following ArcGIS Help documents: Modifying field properties and Adding fields.

Before editing fields of a feature class, ensure that the data is not locked. For more information on schema locks, refer to the following ArcGIS Help: Schema locking.

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