Starting a metadata service returns error 1035

Error Message

ArcIMS returns two errors when attempting to start metadata services:

"[ERR1035] Unable to create tables in database".
"[ERR0125] Error when trying to administer Service".


ArcIMS was not able to start the metadata service. When the metadata service is first created, ArcIMS must create multiple tables, dependencies, and relationships in ArcSDE. The process encounters an error and the metadata service cannot be started.

Solution or Workaround

Error 1035 usually means that ArcIMS was able to connect to ArcSDE, but it failed in the table creation.

  1. Confirm that ArcIMS can connect to ArcSDE. Use ArcCatalog to make a spatial database connection to the metadata database repository.
  2. Check the AXL file used to create the metadata service. Near the end of the file is the table_name prefix. The default appears below:

    <TABLE_NAME prefix="imsmetadata" />

  3. Compare the prefix to the tables in ArcCatalog, which are observed from step 1. At the time of failure, there should be one table with the same name as the prefix used in the AXL file.

    Delete this table.

    Do not use database tools, such as SQL Plus or Enterprise Manager, to remove this table. Deleting the table using database tools does not clean up the dependencies created on the single table.

  4. Return to the AXL file and change the table_name prefix to something new and save the AXL file.
  5. Ensure that Fulltext Indexing (or Catalog) has been enabled on the database.
    Oracle database:

    grant execute on ctx_ddl to <metauser>;

    SQL Server:
    Create the full text catalog:

  6. Return to ArcIMS Administrator and start the metadata service again.
  7. If unsuccessul, enable Spatial Server and Application Server logging.
    Open a support incident with ESRI Support Services indicating the problem, referencing the steps in this article, and attach the log files.

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