Sharing Violation

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround


Various commands return this message:

   Sharing Violation  


SHARE is enabled in AUTOEXEC.BAT, but the PC ARC/INFO SHARE environmental variable has not been set.


SHARE is an MS-DOS command that enables file-sharing and locking features on a hard disk. SHARE is commonly enabled for use with WINDOWS.

If SHARE is enabled, PC ARC/INFO requires a SHARE environmental variable to be set in the AUTOEXEC.BAT (set it to on, yes, present, etc.) Add this line To your AUTOEXE.BAT:


If SHARE is not enabled, the SHARE environment variable should be set to null (blank):


Using the 'DISPLAY 4 2' command in ARCPLOTW and ARCEDITW has also been reported to prevent sharing violation messages.

If SHARE variable is not enabled, ARCPLOTW, ARCEDITW, and DRAWW run about 10% faster. In addition, drawing is smoother and the hourglass cursor does not flash on and off as frequently. Loading most unpacked programs is also faster. One copy of each program can be run simultaneously.

If SHARE is enabled, you can run multiple copies of all programs, though only one is allowed to access a coverage at the time. You can't zoom in while the graphics are still drawing.

Starting two programs (double-clicking their icons) in quick succession might yield 'Clipboard in use' or a 'Sharing Violation' on the second one. In this case, the second one will be halted. Cancel the second one, and once the first has finished coming up you can re-launch the second one.

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