Error publishing document: Authenticated user has insufficient permission to process this request

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

When attempting to publish a metadata document to the ArcIMS Metadata service in ArcCatalog, the following error message is returned:

"Error publishing document: Authenticated user has insufficient permission to process this request."


There are two possible causes for this error to occur.

1. Uppercase letters are being used to define the roles associated with the metadata users in the Access Control List (ACL) file. For example:

<USER name="administrator" password="administrator" services="metadata" roles="Metadata_administrator" active="1" />

2. The ArcIMS ACL file, aimsacl.xml, uses an asterisk (*) for the services attribute.

An asterisk (*) cannot be used as the value for the service's attribute in any <USER/> element that defines a role of metadata_publisher, metadata_service_author, or metadata_administrator.

Solution or Workaround

  • Solution for Cause 1

    Metadata user role values are case-sensitive.

    1. Edit the ACL file, being careful to use lowercase characters to reference metadata roles; for example:

    <USER name="administrator" password="administrator" services="metadata" roles="metadata_administrator" active="1" />

    2. Restart the Servlet Engine.
  • Solution for Cause 2

    The file must explicitly list service names for the services parameter in the aimsacl.xml file.

    The example below shows how to set up the aimsacl.xml for the metadata_service_author role. In this example, the Metadata Service is called Metadata and metadata will be created and published for two MapServices: mexico and sanfrancisco.

    </USER name="author" password="author" roles="metadata_service_author" services="Metadata,mexico,sanfrancisco" active="1" />

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