(ORA-01658): unable to create INITIAL extent

Solution or Workaround

After loading a feature dataset, trying to register the feature dataset as versioned produces this error:

"Underlying DBMS error(ORA-01658): unable to create INITIAL extent for segment in tablespace xxxx (Dnn) [xxxx.N_2_JStatus]"

After closing the error dialog box, a right-click on the feature dataset shows the Register As Versioned option grayed out as if the registration had worked.


When registering a feature class as versioned, it creates two new tables and a few new indexes. These need table space. If there is not enough space, not all the feature classes are versioned. The Catalog finds the first class already versioned and report as if the whole dataset has been versioned.


1. Check the tablespace.

a. Check the configuration keyword for the business table with:

sdetable -o describe_reg -t tablename ... 

ArcSDE 8.0.1 Build 276 Tue Dec 7 11:01:59 PST 1999
Attribute Administration Utility
Config. Keyword : FOOTPRINT

b. Look up that keyword in %sdehome%\etc\dbtune.sde. The A_* parameters control the creation of the versioning tables, Ann and Dnn. Specifically, look at the value for A_INIT and A_IX1_INIT. There must be enough space in the tablespace to fit all of the initial extents for both tables and their indexes. If registering a feature dataset, there needs to be enough space for all of the feature classes it contains.

c. Verify that there is enough space in the tablespace, and add more if necessary.

2. Once there is enough space, unregister the feature dataset. The default GUI does not have an unregister control, so it must be added to a toolbar.

a. Right-click on a toolbar in ArcCatalog

b. Open the Customize dialog

c. Click the Commands tab

d. For Categories, click Geodatabase tools

e. For Commands, drag Unregister as Versioned to any toolbar

f. Close the dialog

g. Select the feature dataset and click the 'Unregister As Versioned button'.

3. Register As Versioned again.

Note: ArcSDE will use the dbtune keyword for the business table from the TABLE_REGISTRY, which may be different than the one in LAYERS.

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