No/Wrong key printer off/not ready

Last Published: April 25, 2020

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This error occurs when starting any module of the international version of PC ARC/INFO (the hardware key is plugged into LPT1):

No/wrong key printer off/not ready.  

The installation instructions for international users state:

"If you are running Windows NT, or are experiencing difficulties running the software, please see the /SENTINEL subdirectory on the distribution CD."

The installation CD for PC ARC/INFO 3.5 doesn't show the SENTINEL subdirectory.


The first batch of International Version PC ARC/INFO 3.5 CDs did not contain the Rainbow Technologies SENTINEL drivers.


You can obtain the SENTINEL drivers from ESRI's ftp site:

Using a Web browser:

1. Click the link in the Related Information section
2. Double-click the SENTINEL.ZIP file

Using an FTP utility:

1. Connect to as anonymous
2. Change directories to /pub/techsupport/pcarc
3. Set file transfer to binary
4. Get the SENTINEL.ZIP file

To install the drivers:

1. Copy the SENTINEL.ZIP file into a directory called C:\SENTINEL
2. At the DOS prompt type:


3. Using the File Manager, double-click INSTALL.BAT.

4. Specify C:\SENTINEL\I386 as the path for 'Install SENTINEL driver' (the default is A:\WIN_NT\I386).

5. When prompted to provide the disk with the unlisted, updated, or vendor provided driver, navigate to the C:\SENTINEL\WIN_NT\I386 directory and click OK.

6. See the C:\SENTINEL\README.TXT for additional information.

Optionally, you may install the SENTINEL driver from Control Panel-Drivers. Go to ADD drivers, then specify "Unlisted or Updated Driver" followed by the path where the INSTALL.BAT resides.

SENTINEL.ZIP also contains versions that will install rainport on MIPS, and DEC Alpha machines running NT.

You may also fill out and mail the 'PC ARC/INFO 3.5" Diskette REQUEST CARD' enclosed with your International Version of PC ARC/INFO 3.5. ESRI will send you a full installation set of International Version PC ARC/INFO 3.5 on 3.5" diskettes, which include the SENTINEL drivers.

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