Error in reading the RSS feed

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

Unable to add a GeoRSS feed to Esri Maps for SharePoint.

"Error in reading the RSS feed."
[O-Image] RSS_Feed_Error


The ArcGIS Map Web Part in SharePoint is built on the Microsoft Silverlight platform and uses the same URL access restrictions as a standalone Silverlight application. This includes requiring a clientaccesspolicy.xml or crossdomain.xml file to access remote data and cross-zone restrictions that prohibit an application in the Internet zone from accessing data in an elevated zone (Trusted or Local Intranet). These restrictions apply to both map services and GeoRSS feeds from remote servers when using Esri Maps for SharePoint.

Solution or Workaround

Verify the Silverlight URL access restrictions are met.

  • Check if the server hosting the GeoRSS feed has a clientaccesspolicy.xml or crossdomain.xml file. One of these must be accessible through a browser at the root level of the web server.




    The administrator of the remote web server must be contacted if these files are missing or permissions are not granted to the appropriate domain.
  • Check if the URL used to access SharePoint and the URL used to access the GeoRSS feed are in the same security zones. This can be done by accessing the URL in Internet Explorer and clicking File > Properties (or Alt-F, R if the main menu bar is not displayed). The security zones for these URLs are set in Internet Explorer under Internet Options > Security.

    In Internet Explorer, all RSS feed URLs are automatically placed in the 'Restricted sites' zone. In this case, it is more important to check the security zone of the RSS feed host. For example, if the RSS feed url is http://<rss_feed_host>/feeds/GeoRss.xml, check the security zone for just http://<rss_feed_host>.

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