Fun.Jennrich_Turner: Ellipse is both a variable and a class at 6599

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

These errors occur in ArcView 3.1 when opening a project that was created in ArcView 3.0a:Fun.Jennrich_Turner: Ellipse is both a variable and a class at 6599View.Jennrich_Turner: Ellipse is both a variable and a class at 1934


The extensions Spatial Movement Analysis (SpatialMovement.avx) and Animal Movement Analysis (Movement.avx), distributed by the USGS-Alaska Biological Science Center, use a variable called ellipse. ArcView 3.1 has an Avenue class for ellipse that was not available in ArcView 3.0a. This conflict causes the error messages.

Solution or Workaround

Open the project in ArcView 3.0a and uncheck the Spatial Movement Analysis and/or Animal Movement Analysis extensions. Save the project. You will no longer receive these error messages in ArcView 3.1.

For updates and other information about these extensions, see the link below.

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