Floating Point Exception

Error Message

This error occurs when trying to open a project:

Floating Point Exception


Occasionally, a floating point exception may be caused by calculating a scale bar interval in the layout to equal zero. This floating point exception may corrupt the project. However, if the corruption in the project occurs while the project is drawing, the project may be salvaged.

Solution or Workaround

  1. It is recommended you reboot your computer before trying to salvage the project, this will ensure a stable working environment.
  2. Start ArcView and reopen the project.
  3. If the .apr loads to 100% and begins to draw, then the project can be salvaged.

    If the .apr does not load to 100%, then the project cannot be salvaged in this manner. In that case see the document in the Related Information below.

  4. As the project is drawing, click the layout window that contains the floating point exception so that the layout window begins to draw. Immediately (while the layout is drawing) save the project.
  5. Close the layout window and then delete that layout from the project.
  6. Save the project with a new name.

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