File or License Missing: Unable to find Geocoding Data (*.GSD) file: *.GSD

Error Message

While performing a Review Geocoding with Business Analyst 1.1, the following error will occur if Process Task is selected from the Process menu on the Centrus Desktop dialog:

Title: File or License Missing
Error: Unable to find Geocoding Data (*.GSD) file: *.GSD
Search Path: cdrom:\;Centrus_install\data;Centrus_install
Z9 path: cdrom\US.Z9


Centrus resides in the wrong location.

The Business Analyst 1.0 Centrus installation uses '..\QMS\Centrus2' as the default installation directory. The Business Analyst 1.1 Centrus installation uses '..\QMSoft\Centrus2'. If Business Analyst 1.1 has been upgraded from Business Analyst 1.0, the previous Centrus installation directory will be used.

Solution or Workaround

  1. Uninstall Centrus.
  2. Use Windows Explorer to delete the QMS folder.
  3. Re-install Centrus in the '..\QMSoft\Centrus2' default directory.

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