Failed to register as versioned

Error Message

Registering a feature dataset as versioned may return the following error message:

"Failed to register as versioned"

The error may also include the following message:

"Cannot register as versioned on this database"


This error may occur for any of the following reasons:
- The feature dataset contains an empty Geometric Network.
- The feature dataset contains an empty or empty Topology.
- The annotation layer is in the ArcSDE 3.x format. ArcSDE 3.x annotation cannot be converted to geodatabase annotation. Therefore, it cannot be registered as versioned.

Solution or Workaround

Options to avoid the error:

  • Delete the empty Geometric Network or Topology, or modify the empty Geometric Network or Topology to contain at least one feature class.
  • ArcSDE 3.x annotation is created by the cov2sde ArcSDE Administration command. To convert the coverage annotation to geodatabase annotation, use the Convert Coverage Annotation command in ArcToolBox instead of the cov2sde command.

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