Error when trying to administer mapservice. Service cannot be created. Data for the layer of dataframe is not found.

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

When adding an ArcMap Service, ArcIMS returns this message:"Error when trying to administer mapservice. Service 'service name' cannot be created. Data for the layer 'Layer name' of dataframe 'dataframe id' is not found."


The error may cause one of the following issues:

1. The current ArcIMS user does not have access to the data referenced in the ArcMap document being served.

2. The ArcMap document being served may contain relative paths. ArcIMS is designed for a distributed environment, and relative paths are not supported.

3. The ArcMap document may contain layers whose links to their respective data sources are broken.

Solution or Workaround

Check the following scenarios:

  • The current ArcIMS user must have read permission to all directories where the ArcMap document references data.
  • The Map document being served cannot have relative paths. Open the map and make sure all layers are referencing the data with fully qualified paths; for example, D:\MyData or UNC paths, for example: \\MyMachine\D\MyData.

    Verify 'Store full path names' is checked in the Data Source Options dialog box of Map Properties for the map document.
  • The Map document being served cannot have broken links to data sources. Open the map and verify there are no broken links. Broken links are signified by a red exclamation mark next to the layer name in the TOC. If there are broken links they must be repaired.

    To learn about repairing broken links, see the ArcGIS Desktop Help topic 'Repairing broken data links'.

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