Error, next volume .E01 does not exist

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround


While importing a Workstation ArcInfo coverage, this error occurs:

   Error, next volume .E01 does not exist.  


Differences between UNIX ASCII files and DOS files. UNIX files have Line Feed characters at the end of each line, where as DOS files have a Carriage Return and a Line Feed.


1. If the coverage is in double precision, use the Workstation ArcInfo COPY command with the single option:

Arc: COPY incover outcover SINGLE

2. EXPORT the coverage in Workstation ArcInfo using the NONE option for compression:

Arc: EXPORT COVER incover outfile NONE

3. Convert the .e00 files to DOS format with the UNIX unix2dos command (or equivalent). Give a different name to the output file:

unix%> unix2dos outfile.e00 dosfile.e00

4. Copy the converted .e00 file to the PC using one of the following methods: NFS, FTP, floppy diskette.

5. Run PC ARC/INFO IMPORT to create a coverage from the export file:

IMPORT COVER outfile newcover

PC ARC/INFO version 3.5.2 includes the tools DOS2UNIX and UNIX2DOS to help in the import/export process. The IMPORT command will automatically run UNIX2DOS.

PC ARC/INFO 3.5.2 IMPORT will accept Workstation ArcInfo double precision export files and convert them to single precision for use in PC ARC/INFO. See the online 'PC ARC/INFO Windows Help Files' for more details on the double to single precision conversion.

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