??Error: Could not interpret report information:...

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

Using ArcView's Report Writer extension to create a report through a Citrix client causes the following error:"??Error: Could not interpret report information: [pathname.rpt],[pathname.dbf], [report type]"


Citrix limits the access to files on the server. This restriction forces ArcView and Crystal Reports to look for necessary DLLs in the user's \Windows directory. However, these DLLs are installed under the system's \WINNT\Crystal directory.

Solution or Workaround

Copy the Crystal folder located in the terminal server's \WINNT directory to each user's %homedirectory%\Windows folder. For example, if a user logs on as "username" in Windows 2000 or Windows XP, then copy the Crystal folder in C:\WINNT\ to C:\Documents and Settings\username\Windows\.

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