DB2 - The selected object failed to draw:Attribute column not found[SDE.SDE.USA_VIEW]

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

This error occurs when attempting to display a view in ArcCatalog:DB2 - The selected object failed to draw: Attribute column not found[SDE.SDE.USA_VIEW]The same view can be loaded in ArcExplorer as a layer, but it does not display. The view was successfully created in ArcSDE 8.1 Service Pack 1 with this command:sdetable -o create_view -T usa_view -t usa -c "usa.shape,usa.state_name" -i sde81_db2 -u sde -p xxxxx


Current implementations of ArcSDE for DB2 and Informix expect a SE_ROW_ID to exist in each spatial spatially-enabled table. This column is used in many operations, including creating views; thus, the view must contain this column.

Solution or Workaround

Include the SE_ROW_ID column when creating views using DB2. The above command should look like this:

sdetable -o create_view -T usa_view -t usa -c "usa.shape,usa.state_name,usa.se_row_id" -i sde81_db2 -u sde -p xxxxx

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