COPYOUT or CHECKOUT: Unable to merge arcs

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Solution or Workaround


COPYOUT or CHECKOUT fails and displays "Unable to merge arcs".


The most common cause of this is when new arcs are checked or loaded into the layers with a non-zero OBJECT__ID. Be very careful not to calculate the value of the OBJECT__ID to a number other than zero.


The following should correct the arcs that cannot be merged:

1. In SchemaEdit, use SETEDITMODE LAYER < library > < layer > ALL EDIT.

2. Navigate to the tiles where the arc is; it is split by a tile boundary.

3. Go into ARCEDIT, in each tile, and move the affected arc to a different coverage residing in a separate workspace.

4. After copying the arcs, delete them from the tile coverages.

5. Join the two arcs together into the workspace where they were copied.

6. CHECKOUT the area.

7. Perform a GET on the arcs into the checkout coverage.

WARNING: This method of fixing data will cause problems with the history, DROPHISTORY should be performed prior to editing the data in this manner.

Article ID:000001328

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