{"code":400,"description","Unable to complete operation."} Failed to execute (Sync Feature Service Replica)

Last Published: September 15, 2020

Error Message

Attempts to sync Collector for ArcGIS with an Oracle database fail, returning the following error message:

Error executing tool. SyncFeatureServiceReplica Job ID:<job_id>. ErrorMsg@SyncGPService: {"code":400,"description","Unable to complete operation."} Failed to execute (Sync Feature Service Replica)

In addition, the server logs further indicate the following error messages:

  • No path for delta data changes.
  • Failed to synchronize.
  • Error: Failed to import data changes to replica.
Image of the server logs


This issue occurs because the SDE_UUID_TEMP$ table does not exist and cannot be created.

During synchronization, the SDE_UUID_TEMP$ table is created in the connected users' schema. It is used to discover the lineage of a given object. The synchronization fails if the table does not exist and cannot be created.

If the Oracle database user publishing the feature service is not granted CREATE TABLE privileges, the SDE_UUID_TEMP$ table cannot be created. By default, only the data owner has the sufficient privileges.

Solution or Workaround

It is best practice to enable the program to create the required tables for the workflow by default. However, this may require a non-authorized user be granted CREATE TABLE privileges. Temporarily grant the privileges so the required tables can be created for the synchronization process to be successful.

Once the synchronization is completed, the CREATE TABLE privileges can be revoked. The SDE_UUID_TEMP$ table must only be created once and is not removed when the session is ended as it is reused for future sessions. For more information, refer to ArcMap: Privileges for using ArcGIS with an Oracle Database.

An alternative method is to create the SDE_UUID_TEMP$ table with the following SQL code:

Esri highly recommends creating a backup of the database before using this alternative method. Proceed with caution and consult the database administrator (DBA) when making changes in Oracle.
  GLOBALID                 CHAR(38 BYTE)

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