Error code (-10): Network I/O Operation Failed

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

SE_stream_insert_table function returns error code (-10) when the number of columns specified by the function arguments is less than the number of columns in the layer. For example:

A layer named 'Dams' contains eight columns and is referred to as biz_table. The C code below defines seven columns in the SE_stream_insert_table function. At 8.0.2 this code will produce the above error.

/* Specify columns that will receive inserted values */
column_names = malloc(NUM_OF_COLUMNS * sizeof(char *));
column_names[0] = "dam_name";
column_names[1] = "stream";
column_names[2] = "zone";
column_names[3] = "dam_height";
column_names[4] = "crest";
column_names[5] = "drain_area";
column_names[6] = "shape";


/* Initialize stream for insert */
sr = SE_stream_insert_table(stream, biz_table, NUM_OF_COLUMNS, (const char **)column_names);


This is a known network-related issue that occurs only when the client and the server don't reside on the same machine. For example, when the client is running Windows NT 4.0 and the server is Solaris 2.6.

Solution or Workaround

This issue has been resolved at ArcSDE 8.1.

Article ID:000002280

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