ArcGIS Pro failed to execute Reconstruct Surface tool

Last Published: May 6, 2024

Error Message

When attempting to run the Reconstruct Surface tool inside the Reality Mapping Toolbox, the following error is returned:

“The surface reconstruction SDK is not installed or cannot be found. Failed to execute (ReconstructSurface).”

error message


This error occurs when the license for the ArcGIS Reality extension is authorized in ArcGIS Pro, however, the setup for ArcGIS Reality for Pro has not been downloaded and installed on the machine.

Solution or Workaround

Download the the ArcGIS Reality for Pro extension from My Esri as follows:

ArcGIS Reality Studio 2024.1 must be installed and authorized before installing ArcGIS Reality for ArcGIS Pro.
  1. Sign in to the My Esri portal as a user with download permissions.
  2. Click Downloads, and on the Products page, click All Other Products.
  3. Scroll down to ArcGIS Reality Desktop, and click the View Downloads drop-down for the appropriate version.
  4. Select and install the necessary products.
  5. Once the setup has been downloaded, open the installer and follow the steps.
  6. Accept the default destination folder for the extracted files, or click Browse to select a different folder, and click Next.
  7. When the installation files have been successfully extracted to the computer, click Close.
  8. In the ArcGIS Pro Reality Extension Setup window, click Next.
  9. Review the license agreement, click the option to accept the agreement, and click Next
  10. Click Install, and click Finish when the setup has completed.

ArcGIS Reality for Pro is installed on the computer. 



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