A(n) nil object does not recognize request GetType or IsVisible

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

After running an Avenue script that removes some fields from a shapefile, the following two error messages occur when clicking the view:

Avenue Error: 'View.ToggleEditingUpdate'
STOP: A(n) nil object does not recgonize request GetType

Avenue Error: 'View.ExportUpdate'
STOP: A(n) nil object does not recognize request IsVisible

After saving the project, another error occurs when trying to open it:

Dr. Watson for Windows NT
An application error has occurred and and application error log is being generated.

Exception: access violation (0x0000005), Address: 0x005e9504


One or more shapefiles in the view are corrupted, and/or the Shape field was deleted from the FTab by using the RemoveObj request on field list.

Solution or Workaround

  • If you have saved the .apr file with a corrupted shapefile, and can no longer open the project, you will need to use and ASCII text editor to remove the shapefile from the view and the 'Attributes of the shapefile' from the Table. See Related Information below
  • Do not remove the Shape field from the FTab.

    The RemoveObj request has no error checking capabilities like the RemoveFields request.

Article ID:000004043

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