404 Error - File Not found at ArcIMS Diagnostics or Tomcat's HelloWorldExample test

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

If you are using Tomcat as your servlet engine you may get a 'HTTP 404 Error - File not found' when running the ArcIMS Diagnostics tests.
[O-Image] Diagnostics Error 404 File not found
You may also get this error when trying to test communication between Tomcat and your web server by running the 'HelloWorldExample' test:



This error is caused when the and files are missing, or if they were saved incorrectly in <drive>:\<tomcatroot>\conf directory using a text editor other than Notepad.

You must use Notepad to edit the properties files. Using other text editors to save these files is the cause for the 404 error.

Solution or Workaround

1. Open the and files in Notepad.

2. Check to make sure all information and paths are correct.

3. Save the files in <drive>:\<tomcatroot>\conf folder as "" and "", quotes included, and specify 'All Files' before saving.
[O-Image] Image of Save As prompt for file
4. Restart the Tomcat and Web server services from the Windows Services panel.

5. Test the ArcIMS diagnostics again.

6. If the tests fail, refer to the article called "URL is invalid or ArcIMS is not running in Administrator" in the Related Information section below.

Article ID:000006110

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