000301: The workspace is of the wrong type

Error Message

When executing the ReconcileVersions script in Python, the application returns the following error message:

Error 000301: The workspace is of the wrong type


Error 000301 also occurs when the target version parameter is defined inaccurately for the 'ReconcileVersions_management' syntax parameters.

Additionally, depending on the DBMS system used, the syntax for the target version parameter is case sensitive. This may cause the system to return an error or fail to execute the script.

Solution or Workaround

Each DBMS behaves differently when it comes to having case sensitive objects. Python commands are case sensitive. So, it is recommended to ensure the target version parameter syntax is defined in uppercase. For example, the syntax for the target version parameter would be SDE.DEFAULT, not SDE.Default or sde.default. This does not mean lowercase is not allowed; some DBMSs allow it and some do not. However, uppercase is more broadly accepted.

Additionally, while defining the target version parameter, identify and determine the owner of the geodatabase. Rename the syntax as DBO.DEFAULT for a DBO geodatabase owner, or SDE.DEFAULT for a SDE geodatabase owner.

For more information on geodatabase owners in SQL Server, refer to ArcGIS Help: A comparison of geodatabase owners in SQL Server.

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