ERR0922 directory not found or not writable.

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

During the initial tests, after completing the ArcIMS Post Installation process, where a network share is created for a distributed environment, for example, using the ArcIMS Configuration option to create a network share to support multiple spatial servers, one of the two following error messages is displayed:

"Windows cannot find '//<Server_Name>/ArcIMS/Output'. Make suer you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search".


"Unable to display MapService [ERR0922] Output directory not found or not writable".


There are multiple causes for this error.

A. The User Account the spatial server runs under may not have been granted WRITE or FULL CONTROL rights to the \\<Server_Name>\ArcIMS shared directory.

B. The shared drive may be referenced by a drive letter (T:\ArcIMS), instead of in the UNC format \\<Server_Name>\ArcIMS.

Cause B can be resolved by replacing all references to the shared drive letter with its UNC share name.

Solution or Workaround

Verify that the account that ArcIMS and the Spatial Servers run under has write permission to the shared directory.

The account used to run ArcIMS and th spatial servers can be a Domain Account or a Local Account with the same name and password on each server.

  1. For cause A above:

    Determine what directory is shared as the \\<Server>\ArcIMS folder.

    Type the command below in a command shell to list the directory shared as the \\<Server>\ArcIMS folder.

    C:\ArcIMS>net share

    Share name Resource Remark
    ArcIMS C:\ArcIMS ArcIMS Website/Output Shared Folder

    The command completed successfully.

  2. Verify which account has permission to write to the ArcIMS share.

    a. Display the properties of the shared directory in explorer.
    - click on the 'Security' tab.
    - verify that the account is included in the 'Group or user names:' text box.
    - Add the ID if necessary.

    b. Verify or set the Permissions for Administrators to 'Allow'.

    The User Account for the spatial server needs Full Control, Change, and Read rights to the C:\ArcIMS directory.

    - If necessary, set the NTFS permissions for the C:\ArcIMS directory to

    Full Control [X]
    Change [X]

    for the account used in the distributed environment.
    - Click 'Apply'.

  3. Display the Sharing rights for the shared directory.
    - Click on the 'Sharing' tab.
    - Click on the 'Permissions' button.
    - Verify that the 'Everyone' group is listed in the 'Group or user names:' text box.
    - Add the 'Everyone' group if necessary.
    - Verify that the 'Permissions for Everyone' is set to 'Allow' for all rights.
    - Click 'Apply'.

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