Encountering underlying DBMS errors in ArcCatalog after migrating a layer to st_geometry in Oracle

Last Published: April 25, 2020


An underlying DBMS error is encountered when working with a feature class or object class, after the object has been migrated using the ArcToolbox migrate storage tool (or programmatically migrating an object using ArcObjects).

For example, if a user were to migrate a feature class stored in Oracle as SDEBINARY to st_geometry using the migrate storage tool and then attempt to recalculate the feature classes spatial index, they would encounter the following error:

"Failed to add spatial index.
Underlying DBMS error [ORA-00942:table or view does not exist (GIS_SDE.F907_PK)]"


When the geodatabase first references a feature class or object class that is stored in ArcSDE, the properties of the object are cached in the application.

Once the application migrates the storage of a layer (changing its properties), the cached information is incorrect.

If further operations are performed on the migrated layer, for example, recalculating the spatial index, an underlying DBMS error may be encountered.

The error is the result of the geodatabase retaining the old properties of the object after it has been migrated.


After using the Toolbox migrate storage tool, to avoid encountering any potential underlying DBMS errors when working with the data source that was migrated, it is recommended to either disconnect from the geodatabase or refresh the connection's workspace.

By disconnecting or refreshing the workspace, the client's cache containing the information and properties of the layer that was just migrated will be refreshed or correct upon the next connection to the database.

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