Enable the StreetMap USA extension toolbar

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe how to enable the StreetMap extension toolbar. The StreetMap extension must be installed and registered in order to use StreetMap.


For optimal performance, copy the StreetMap data from the DVD or CD to a local or shared drive.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. Click the Tools menu and select the Extensions option.
  3. Verify that the StreetMap USA extension is listed. If it is not, this means it is not installed. If there is a message next to it in parenthesis, the extension is not registered and full functionality of the extension and data is not available.

    The StreetMap USA extension is automatically enabled or checked on when adding the StreetMap USA data.

  4. Click Close.
  5. Click the Tools menu and select the Customize option.
  6. Check the StreetMap box on the Toolbars tab, which adds the StreetMap toolbar with the routing tool.
  7. Click Close.

    The StreetMap extension is now ready to use with the StreetMap USA data by opening the StreetMap USA.mxd in ArcMap. All of the data, including the local streets data, is available for display, geocoding, and routing.

Article ID:000006875

  • ArcMap 9 x

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