Enable the color highlighting for PYT files in WingIDE

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe how to enable color highlighting of Python toolboxes (PYT files) in WingIDE.

Python toolboxes (.pyt) are geoprocessing toolboxes that are created entirely in Python. Although these tools are recognized by the ArcGIS Software as Python scripts, they may or may not be treated as Python scripts within various Python IDEs. To ensure that these files are recognized by a Python IDE it may be necessary to include the .pyt extension in the settings for your Python IDE.


The following steps show how to enable color highlighting on a Python toolbox that is being edited within WingIDE.

  1. Open WingIDE.
  2. Select Edit > Preferences.
  3. Locate the Files section of the Preferences window and select the option for 'File Types'.
  4. Below the section for 'Extra File Types', click the Insert Button.
    [O-Image] WingIDE Preferences
  5. In the New Value dialog, specify the file extension as .pyt and the Mime Type as Python.
    [O-Image] WingIDE New Value
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click Apply and OK in the Preferences dialog.

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