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Does the Trimble GPScorrect extension for ESRI ArcPad software (Versions 1.10, 1.11) work with ArcPad 7.0?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


No; the current release of Trimble® GPScorrect™ does not work with ArcPad 7.0.

Trimble® is working on a new version of Trimble® GPScorrect™ for ArcPad. The ArcPad team is also working on a service pack for ArcPad 7.0 to support this effort.

Customers who have purchased ArcPad 7.0 with a Trimble® device and need to post process their data with GPScorrect™ can download ArcPad 6.0.3. Users need to contact ESRI's Customer Service to obtain a valid ArcPad 6.0.3 registration code.

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