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Does MapObjects-Windows Edition 2.x support geodatabases?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


MapObjects-Windows Edition 2.4 supports ArcSDE 9.1 and includes limited support for ArcSDE versioning. If the geodatabase is registered as versioned, MapObjects 2.4 can read all versions but cannot edit them.

If the ArcSDE geodatabase is not registered as versioned, then it is
editable in MapObjects.

If the ArcSDE geodatabase is registered and versioned, it is read-only with MapObjects.

MapObjects respects geometry as simple features and attributes in a geodatabase stored in ArcSDE. MapObjects doesn't support custom features as relationship classes, feature linked annotation or layers with complex geometry such as COGO curves.

Viewing a layer that contains geodatabase feature linked annotation only shows the outline polygons of the annotation. Similarly, for geodatabase layers containing complex geometry, shapes that are a simplification of the complex geometry are displayed. These simple features are used by ArcObjects to aid spatial searches. The actual content is stored in a related database BLOB field and can only be interpreted by ArcObjects.

Personal geodatabases are not fully supported in MapObjects; that is, the spatial features stored in a personal geodatabase are ignored. However, it is possible to use ADO in MapObjects 2.4 to connect to the database and access the attribute information for the features, to perform operations as querying and rendering.

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