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Does ArcPad handle pyramid, *.rrd, files?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


No, the pyramid file format, *.rrd, is not a supported raster data format. Pyramids files are stored internally for MrSID images. When checking out a MrSID image from ArcMap to ArcPad via Get Data for ArcPad 7 tool, the *.rrd file is not checked out since the pyramids are already created within the image.

ArcPad version 7 is designed for maximum speed with minimal memory usage. For example, ArcPad does unpack enough of the JPEG2000 file to render the current map extent.
Raster Format Table

* Memory Usage varies with physical layout. It is highly recommend to use TIFF files that have RowsPerStrip = 1, although not all TIFF compression software guarantee this.

The above table is a rough guide. It is recommended to run performance tests on datasets to evaluate the best format suitable for your application, although ESRI recommends the TIFF format.

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