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Does ArcPad 6.0.3 support Windows Mobile 5.0?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


ArcPad 6.0.3 has not been certified for Windows Mobile 5.0, and there are issues with ArcPad 6.0.3 and Windows Mobile 5.0.

ArcPad 6.0.3 was released in December 2003. At the time of release, the current releases of operating systems on mobile devices were Windows CE 4.2 and Windows Mobile 2003. ArcPad 6.0.3 supported older versions of Windows CE, as far back as Windows CE 2.11. At the time of release, ArcPad 6.0.3 did not - and could not - support Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition or Windows Mobile 5.0, as neither of these operating systems existed.

Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition introduced some changes in the operating system, which resulted in a menu font issue with ArcPad 6.0.3. This menu font issue was addressed with the ArcPad 6.0.3 QFE patch, which is available for download from the link below.
This menu font issue still exists with Windows Mobile 5.0, and consequently the ArcPad 6.0.3 QFE patch is also required for Windows Mobile 5.0.

Windows Mobile 5.0 also introduced some changes which have impacted ArcPad 6.0.3.
The main issue that ESRI is currently aware of is regarding the Soft Input Panel (SIP) keyboard and custom input forms. When a custom input form is opened, the SIP keyboard is automatically displayed. When the SIP keyboard is closed, the area of the form behind the SIP keyboard is not refreshed.
The known workarounds to this issue are:
- Design forms that do not have controls in the bottom third of the screen, for example, with a form height of 80. In general, this is a good practice as it avoids the SIP keyboard hiding controls on the form.
- Use the SIP Transcriber instead of the SIP Keyboard.
ESRI currently has no plans to release a patch for ArcPad 6.0.3 to address this issue, since this issue has been addressed in ArcPad 7.0 by updating the forms user interface from a Windows CE user interface to a Windows Mobile user interface. ArcPad 7.0 also includes a number of changes which optimize ArcPad 7.0 for more recent versions of Windows Mobile (2003 Second Edition and 5.0).

Note that ArcPad 6.0.3 has a Product Life Cycle support status of 'Mature Support'. Products with a Mature support status are not certified on new versions of the operating system. The Product Life Cycle Support Policy for ArcPad can be found by way of the Related Information section below.

ArcPad 7.0 has a support status of 'General Availability', while ArcPad 6.0.3 has a support status of 'Mature Support'.
Once a product enters Mature Support, a user can expect the following support:
- Phone support between 6:00AM and 5:00PM (PST) Monday through Friday - US only. (International users need to contact their local distributors)
- 24x7 fax and email request
- Online Support Center access – knowledge base, supported environment, downloads, discussion forums, and so forth. ESRI does not provide any further Patches or hot fixes for products that have reached the Mature Support phase. New environments are not be certified for Mature Support phase.

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