Display intersecting lines with double line symbology

Last Published: April 25, 2020


When intersecting lines are drawn with double line symbology, intersections will not display. This procedure describes how to properly display intersecting lines with cased symbology.


  1. Click on the default line symbol in the table of contents and select the Freeway symbol.
  2. Click Properties to bring up the Symbol Property Editor.
  3. The Freeway symbol is a Cartographic line symbol composed of two layers.
    [O] Symbol Editor
    The top layer is a red line with a width of 2.6 the bottom layer is and a black line with a width of 3.4. Since these two lines are not offset, they appear on top of each other forming a red line with a black border. The width and color of these lines can be changed as required. Click OK to all of the dialogs to apply the selection.
  4. The image below shows how the cased symbology displays by default when two lines intersect. Notice that the black outer casing intersects undesireably.
    [O] Intersecting lines1
  5. Right-click the data frame name in the table of contents and select Advanced Drawing Options.
  6. Check on the option for 'Draw using symbol drawing options specified below'.
    [O] Advanced Drawing Options
    As the thumbnails illustrate, join controls the drawing pattern of lines of the same type and merge controls the drawing pattern of lines of different types.
  7. Click Apply and OK. The line symbology appears correctly where two lines intersect.
    [O] Intersecting lines2

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  • ArcMap 8 x

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