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Did I receive new Streetmap data with MapObjects-Windows 2.2?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The actual StreetMap data did not change between the release of MapObjects 2.1 and MapObjects 2.2. The ESRI Data & Maps 2000 media kit which shipped with MapObjects 2.1 contains the same StreetMap data that is in the ESRI Data & Maps 2002 media kit. However, there was a problem with the StreetMap date/time stamps on the *.edg files created during the CD mastering process. The date stamp was not updated for the year 2002 -- instead it incorrectly reflects the year 2000. Therefore, although it might appear that the StreetMap data released with 2.1 is newer than 2.2, be assured that this is not the case and the most up-to-date version was included with the MapObjects 2.2 product release.

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