ArcGIS Maps SDKs for Native Apps - ArcGIS Runtime Utility Network Extension License

Last Published: April 23, 2024


The ArcGIS Runtime Utility Network Extension license is deprecated. This license enables trace analysis operations on a utility network. The last release of the ArcGIS Maps SDKs for Native Apps to include support for this license extension was version 200.3, which was launched in December 2023. In the next release, 200.4, all functionality previously enabled by this extension license will be available with an ArcGIS Runtime Lite license.

The ArcGIS Runtime Utility license was required for trace operations on an ArcGIS Utility Network in the following scenarios:

  • When working with a dataset stored on the device in stand-alone mobile geodatabases
  • When using a mobile map stored on the device that was taken offline from ArcGIS Enterprise
  • When accessing a feature service hosted by ArcGIS Enterprise

The deprecation impacts the following products and versions:

  • ArcGIS Runtime SDKs for Android, iOS, Java, .NET, and Qt, from Versions 100.7 to 100.15
  • ArcGIS Maps SDKs for Java, Kotlin, .NET, Qt, and Swift, from Versions 200.0 to 200.3


Customers using an ArcGIS Runtime Utility Network Extension license in their application and are planning to update to version 200.4 (or later) of ArcGIS Maps SDKs for Native Apps can modify their code by removing the extension license string from the ArcGISRuntimeEnvironment.SetLicense() method/function call. The exact syntax will depend on the SDK and language used.

Article ID:000032489

  • ArcGIS Maps SDK for NET
  • ArcGIS Maps SDK for Java
  • ArcGIS Maps SDK for Swift
  • ArcGIS Maps SDK for Kotlin
  • ArcGIS Maps SDK for Qt

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