Delete dangling arcs from the universal polygon of an ArcStorm layer

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe the procedure for finding and deleting dangling arcs from a polygon layer.


  1. Create an empty checked-out coverage from the ArcStorm layer containing the dangles.

    Arcedit: edit canada.nova.parcel polygon
    Arcedit: show number selected
    Arcedit: checkout emptycov
    Executing CHECKOUT request...
    Checked out 0 features into E:\EMPTYCOV with ID 21

  2. Display the ArcStorm layer as a back coverage and add a polygon to the empty checkout coverage which surrounds the dangling arc.

    Arcedit: edit emptycov polygon
    Arcedit: drawenvironment polygon
    Arcedit: backcoverage .parcel 3
    CANADA.NOVA.PARCEL is now background coverage 1 with draw symbol 3

    Arcedit: backenvironment arc
    Arcedit: draw
    Arcedit: editboundaryerror polygon warn

    Arcedit: add

    1) Add Polygon 2) End Polygon 4) Delete last point
    5) Delete last Polygon 8) Digitizing Options 9) Quit

    (Polygon) User-ID: 1 Define the polygon

    Adding polygon 1 with 7 points
    Polygon exceeds current edit boundary of local ARCSTORM coverage

    1 polygon(s) added to E:\EMPTYCOV

    Arcedit: save

    The ArcStorm layer (in green) is the back coverage.  The new polygon (in yellow) is added to the empty check out coverage and must completely encircle the dangling arc.

    [O] Addpoly image
  3. Check the new polygon feature in, and immediately select the same feature and check it out again. The dangling arc will be checked out with the surrounding polygon.

    Arcedit: resume emptycov
    Arcedit: checkin
    Arcedit: selectmode library
    Arcedit: draw
    Arcedit: editfeature polygon
    Arcedit: select

    Point to the feature to select
    Enter point
    Selected library feature 29
    CANADA.NOVA.PARCEL polys : 1 selected.

    Arcedit: checkout danglecov

  4. Delete the checked-out polygon and check the coverage in again. The dangling arc will be removed from the universal polygon.

    Arcedit: selectmode edit
    Arcedit: select all
    Arcedit: delete
    Arcedit: save
    Arcedit: checkin

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