Define overviews tool sometimes creates invalid cell size ranges

Last Published: April 25, 2020


After adding rasters to a mosaic dataset, running the 'Define Overviews' tool sometimes ends up with invalid cell size ranges (MinPS>MaxPS) on the newly created overview items. This issue is data specific.


The 'Define overviews' tool only computes visibility of newly added overview items -- leaving primary rasters untouched, in some cases (data specific), cell size ranges are incorrectly calculated.


The issue can be avoided by one of the following workflows:

  • Run 'Add Rasters To Mosaic Dataset' with 'Update Overviews' option on,
    or run the 'Build Overviews' tool directly after adding rasters to mosaic dataset. This is the standard workflow.
  • If the advanced 'Define Overviews' tool needs to be run and invalid cell size ranges are experienced, the 'Calculate Cell Size Ranges' may be run after 'Define Overviews' to correct them. After this, it is possible to proceed to build overviews.

Article ID:000010927

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